Why ICC organising T20 World Cup in US : Significance of ICC T20 World Cup in US

"T20 World Cup: A New Era for Cricket in the United States"

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This combo makes the T20 World Cup extremely relevant in America. With the United States hosting the tournament for the first time, the event is a landmark moment in the country’s cricketing history and provides a golden chance for the sport to flourish and spread its wings in the region. Hailed as being a stepping stone for commercial opportunities and a gateway to emerging market growth through a potential unveiling of cricket at the Los Angeles 2028 Summer Olympics – to boost the sport’s rising tide in America – the T20 World Cup in 2022 was initially a contest between 14 nations.

In this article we will look at why the ICC has decided to co-host the T20 World Cup with the West Indies as part of its vision to grow the sport in America, a tournament that will comprise a record 20 teams playing a staggering 55 games and three debutants in the form of the US, Canada and Uganda!

A New Chapter for Cricket in the US

Co-hosting the T20 World Cup with West Indies is a strategic step taken by ICC to speed up the development of cricket in the US. A record 20 teams, 55 games and three debutants in the shape of the United States, Canada and Uganda will make up the tournament. The extra visibility will hopefully broaden the audience and ultimately have a lasting effect on the sport in the nation.

The ICC has its fingers crossed as it looks to turn a new page in the growth of cricket in the region with one of its flagship tournaments being taken to the USA for the first time. With more teams and games than ever before and new participant nations including the US, Canada and Uganda, this will give mainstream American audiences a first taste of the sport and is expected to create an unprecedented level of awareness and interest which will set the foundations for the long term in the country.

Growing the Sport Beyond Expats

USA Cricket chairman Venu Pisike stresses the importance of being able to appeal to the native American audience. The mission of USA Cricket has been to expand interest in the game, to take it beyond the fingers of the expat community and onto the finger of the common American. In that regard the ICC has partnered with USA Cricket to do just that and among various initiatives are plans to have cricket included in school physical education programs.

It is aiming for a million school children playing the game by the time cricket returns to the Olympics at Los Angeles 2028. However, touches on a reality: that as cricket has become available in the US, it has been for the most part, an expat sport, until recent marketing and promotional efforts through the T20 World Cup have helped to generate some traction and give it a profile among the broader American population.

Both Pisike and USA Cricket plan to approach that very issue by using the improved awareness and visibility of the World Cup and the potential of cricket’s inclusion at the 2028 Olympics to help them take big steps towards growing cricket within mainstream America with a focus placed especially on schools as they set out to bring the sport to a new generation of cricket-crazed Americans and players.

Potential for Commercial Opportunities

The T20 World Cup is a path to uncharted territory in terms of commercial revenue and trying new luck in a new market for growth where cricket never has ventured; According to ICC chief commercial officer Anurag Dahiya, the event should not be seen as a payoff in itself, but as a way to grow the game longer term.

Given the stakes, the outcome of the tournament could shape the future of the sport in the United States. USA Cricket CEO and founder, Paraag Marathe was delighted, “The ICC has been incredibly supportive of the USA Cricket project from the outset, and this schedule announcement is yet another significant moment which comes from the partnership between us.

The entire team at USA Cricket were excited to officially announce our first ever schedule of this kind and we were pleased with the excitement it generated around the cricket world – as the ICC has also been excited about! With their support, we have been able to deliver a viable scale, commercial and sporting event, with the focus now turning towards our opportunity to grow the sport in the US and leverage the increased exposure to attract new sponsors and fans. With rights, sponsorships and tickets expected to raise substantial revenue, the tournament figures to be crucial to the building of cricket in the USA.

A Step Towards Olympic Inclusion

One of the most important developments in the history of cricket in the United States has been the entry of the sport into the Los Angeles Olympics 2028. The T20 World Cup plays the role of a trailer to the risebum series of the game, creating a hype and buzz among the local audience. These are words that USA Cricket president Venu Pisike believes as the sport will bring increasing numbers of fans to the new World Cup, leading to the more success for the sport if it is included in the Olympics.

The dream of cricket going back to the Olympics after 100 years has served as a huge motivation factor for ICC and USA Cricket has been making giant strides to spread the game in the United States. The T20 World Cup is viewed as a key part of this process, not just in raising awareness and interest to the general public, but also in providing a stage for the US national team to take the next step forward in their journey, and hopefully to ignite the passion in the soul of a new generation of cricket fans and players. Thanks to the run up to the World Cup Pisike is confident that increased exposure and engagement will be translated into new participation and support for cricket’s Olympic debut and with that comes the guarantee of cricket’s long term sustenance in the USA.

A New Era for US Cricket

Washington, Bucking the odds in the T20 World Cup, United States cricket team grabbed a sensational super-over win over Pakistan before securing a place in the Super Eights despite a no result against Ireland. Looking abroad, the team’s stunning performance caught the eye of fans in the United States and beyond, contributed to a rise in popularity and enthusiasm for the sport in the US, and earned the team kudos from fans and experts alike. The victory against Pakistan especially was a giant-killing act considering Pakistan is a cricket superpower.

One key reason is the mixed ethnicity of the American players, who have sledged into other cricket-playing countries like India, Pakistan, South Africa, and New Zealand. Its coach, Stuart Law, is from Australia as is its captain, Aaron Jones, who was born in Queens to Barbadian immigrants. The performances of the US team have taken even the cynics by surprise, and have rekindled memories of the days when the huge country was cricket history in the making, the story almost writes itself, and so much more, fueling the dreams of USA being the hub of the diversity that the nation is and why they believe cricket can be of such help.


The T20 World Cup on these shores symbolises a change where the game is concerned. This would see cricket step away from its stereotype as a sport played only by those outside the host nation, unlock commercial potential and open a path to a Los Angeles 2028 Summer Olympics appearance. The T20 World Cup had its place in the history of cricket in the U.S., as the sport grows and evolves, it will be seen as a landmark moment.

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