Women’s Premier League going to revolutionize women’s cricket in India

Impact of WPL 2023

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Women’s cricket has reached new heights with the inaugural edition of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) played from March 4th to March 26th. The WPL was launched by the Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) and became the highest-paid franchise tournament in women’s sports globally. The tournament had everything from big paydays to healthy competition, nail-biters, big totals, collapses, elite-level fielding moments, controversies, and more, making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience for fans worldwide.

The WPL was modeled after the Indian Premier League, which has been one of the most successful Twenty20 tournaments. The WPL has been a resounding success overnight, attracting attention from across the globe. The tournament was a great platform for young and domestic talents to showcase their skills and learn from international legends.

Mumbai Indians WPL 2023
Mumbai Indians WPL 2023

Saika Ishaque emerged as the breakthrough star of the tournament, and her “bowler hu, wicket lene aayi hu” after a brilliant spell made rounds on social media. She quickly became a sensation that young fans watching the game would want to grow up to be. Shreyanka Patil was another talent who caught the eyes of many, including the Indian skipper, Harmanpreet Kaur. The opportunity to share the dressing room and rub shoulders with international legends would have been a learning curve like no other.

The WPL also provided a platform for 16-year-old Parshavi Chopra, who was picked at the WPL auction post an impressive Under-19 World Cup campaign. The WPL will polish domestic talents and get them ready for international cricket, where careers are built or broken based on every performance after having dealt with intense pressure game situations.

The tournament was a massive hit in every possible way. In numbers, JioCinema – the WPL streaming platform – clocked over 50 minutes of watch time per user per match of the WPL. The Final between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals had over 10 million new viewers tune in, which is the highest viewership for any women’s event globally.

The WPL is here to stay and ensure that women’s cricket ever again doesn’t go through a phase where players struggle for livelihood and recognition, and teams for talents. The WPL has changed the landscape of women’s cricket forever, and for it to continue evolving is the next step. The tournament has set the standard for the future of women’s cricket and has given young talents the platform they need to make their mark on the game. The WPL will undoubtedly inspire a new generation of women cricketers who will continue to enrich the game and take it to new heights.

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